Tune Up Car Service

Is it time your vehicle had a car tune up service?

If your car is:

  • Running Rough or ‘Missing’
  • Stalling
  • Sluggish or has No Power
  • Getting Poor Fuel Economy
  • Performing poorly
  • Hard to Start
  • Doesn’t Start at all
  • Or if you have travelled greater than 10,000km* or it has been more than 12 months since your last service (*this may vary for some cars)

Then it’s time for a Home Tune Car Tune Up Service.

When you car is correctly tuned by an experienced mechanic, the fuel system, ignition system, emission system and computer system all work together in perfect harmony, improving the performance and reliability of your car, reducing emissions and saving you money on fuel and running costs.

Why choose Home Tune for your Tune Up Car Service?

Our Home Tune mobile mechanics specialise in car tune up services and are equipped with the vehicle diagnostic technology and tools needed to perform a car tune up for your vehicle at your home, work or wherever it’s most convenient for you 7 days a week.

Our convenient and hassle free service is available Melbourne Metropolitan suburbs, and we will come to you.

Home Tune’s Comprehensive Car Tune Up Service Includes:

  • Full Engine Tune Up
  • Check and Replace Spark Plugs
  • Check and Replace Fuel Filter
  • Check and Replace Air Filter
  • Check and Replace Ignition Leads
  • Check Charging System
  • Check and Replace (Points, Condenser, Distributor Cap)
  • Check Starting System
  • Check Carburettor or EFI Systems, Etc… (Clean Throttle Body)
  • Inspect Hoses
  • Inspect Belts
  • Set Timing & Mixtures
  • Check and Top Up Fluids
  • Air Conditioning Operation Check and Report

From Only $99 (plus parts & GST)

* It is important to keep in mind that depending on the age and model of the car this rule can vary. Some newer cars may tolerate longer distances between services, so it is important to refer to your vehicles specifications, or feel free to ask a qualified mechanic at Home Tune.

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