Fuel Injection Service

Does your vehicle require a fuel injection service?

Your cars fuel injection system is responsible for providing the engine with the correct mixture of fuel and air.

Without regular servicing the fuel injectors will get clogged up and will cause your car to run:

  • lean spot in the combustion chamber
  • engine misfire
  • pre-ignition or detonation
  • car engine problems

The most common cause of dirty fuel injectors comes from your cars petrol itself and not from dirt or debris in the fuel.

The good news is that a fuel injection service from Home Tune will leave the injectors like new, it will assist to decarbonise your car’s engine and improve fuel economy and performance and smoother running helping your hip pocket and the environment.

Why choose Home Tune for your Fuel Injection Service?

Home Tune are the fuel injection service experts with our fully qualified mobile mechanics that are happy to come to you, whenever you need them and at a convenient location in Melbourne or Metropolitan suburbs, 7 days a week.

Our specialist technicians bring a fully equipped van direct to your premises, saving you time, money and the hassles of dropping off and picking up your diesel car to get serviced.

  • Competitive Quotes
    No surcharges for mobile service, available 7 days
  • High Quality
    All repairs are carried out to the highest standard, using quality parts
  • Close to You
    Our mobile mechanics cover the Melbourne metropolitan area

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