Car Overheating Problems

Are you having car overheating problems?

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If your car is having any of the following Car Overheating Problems it’s time to have your car seen to immediately:

  • Temperature gauge shows a higher than normal reading
  • Steam or smoke is coming from under the bonnet
  • Warning lights on the dashboard indicating overheating

If your car is overheating and is not repaired, this can lead to further damage to the car and could escalate costs to be much higher than they need to be, or could mean that you are left stranded after your car breaks down.

If your car is experiencing any of the above issues, there may be serious problems with your car’s engine or cooling system and it’s time to have your car seen to straight away by an expert Home Tune mobile mechanic.

Our fully qualified and experienced mobile mechanics will come to you 7 days a week, within Melbourne Metropolitan suburbs when you need to have your car overheating problems fixed, so you can get back on the road in no time!

Common causes of car overheating problems

  • Problems with the cooling system
  • Not enough air flow
  • Insufficient coolant or liquid levels
  • Poor coolant flow due to blockages, faulty pumps or leaks
  • Broken temperature sensor showing faulty readouts
  • Electrical faults

If you are experiencing car overheating problems then give Home Tune a call today on 1300 368 863 to diagnose and fix your problem.

Why Choose Home Tune for your Car Overheating Problems?

Home Tune specialise in Car Overheating Problems for all car makes and models. Our fully qualified mobile mechanics are happy to come to you, whenever you need them and at a convenient location in Melbourne or Metropolitan suburbs, 7 days a week.

Our specialist technicians bring a fully equipped van with a large range of parts and tools needed to get your car working and back on the road again.

Family owned and run, Home Tune’s specialist technicians are friendly, professional and keen to get your car repaired to the highest standard and we offer you peace of mind with a Nationwide Guarantee.

  • Specialise in Car Overheating Problems
  • Fully qualified mobile mechanics
  • Fully qualified auto electricians
  • Fully equipped vans with a large range of parts and tools
  • Family owned and run since 1972
  • Peace of mind with a Nationwide Guarantee

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